Pricing Information

Price List

Rate Description Rate
Housing Rental $100-$200 / Day (Depending on length of commitment. Contact us for even lower pricing on long-term rentals)
Destination Charge $1.60 / mile round trip from Midland, TX to drop off
Microwave Oven $12 / Month
Cellular Internet Service (multi-carrier) $269 / Month
Satellite Internet Service $454 / Month
Computer System Rental $32 / Month



Item Terms
Housing Rental Minimum 10-Day Minimum rental duration (consecutive days) - Pre-paid before delivery
Destination Charge Calculation The Destination Charge is calculated by computing the round trip distance from Midland International Airport to your destination. This amount is to be pre-paid before delivery.
All Optional Equipment/Services Only billable in pre-paid increments of 1 month (regardless of whether the entire month was used).
Damages to Housing Unit (or Sub-Rented Systems) Any damages incurred to the housing unit (or its sub-rented systems) will be assessed and billed separately.